Full changelog:
– native 360 and 360 Stereo video export (beta)
– added the ability to preview only one clip
– removed the connection between the list of the video projects and the scene so you can use the same video project in more than a scene (ie. night and day or WIP of a scene)
– reorganized the “project settings” and “delete project” buttons position
– now the main camera (game view) will reflect the movement of the scene view
– now when you go in play the VideoClip UI shows you the current clip progress
– Added Confirm dialogs for project and clip delete actions – Added the ability to rename projects
– Added an auto scroll horizontal feature
– fixed the timeline movement – fixed the isssue that was causing the sceneview camera to not move in the right position when selecting a keyframe
– (1.3) VideoClip Types: we’re going to introduce multiple types for videoclips, the first one will be VideoPlayerClip so you can add an external mp4 file without additional softwares (useful for intro/outro clips)
– (1.3) Multiple Recorder Backend: we’re going to add the ability to choose between different recording backends. The first one will be AVPro MovieCapture.
– (1.4) KeyFrame curves editor: we’re going to give you full control over the camera movements with additional options for KeyFrame.
– (1.5) PostProcessing support
– (1.6) Audio features