AT+Sync Changelog

v2.0 Completely rewritten pipeline

v1.5.1 Minor bug fixes

v1.5 Added 2020.2 support

v1.4 First release of the new version, with this new release of AT+Sync the plugin works without any subscription or online connection.

v1.3.2 Changelog: Fixed a bug that was blocking the build

v1.3.1 Changelog: Minor bugfixes v1.3 Changelog: – Full support for HDRP and URP: we implemented minor support for HDRP Preview and LWRP Preview for older versions of Unity . – The geometry import system has been rewritten completely: now it uses the ScriptableImporter to ensure better geometry control. Every geometry synched by the BIM tool has now an Inspector that lets you choose the shading mode (flat or smooth) and generate Lightmap UV. – Materials and textures are now imported preserving their actual names to enhance asset readability during the editing. – The synchronization system now supports synchronization of multiple Revit projects within the same Unity scene.

v1.1.1 Fixes -Fixed bug on UI during the import -Other minor fixes Improvements -Added the option to enable the auto normal fix on the meshes during the import -Added the option to choose if you want save or not the mesh locally during the import, if this option is disabled the import will be faster