archviz in unity

Real-time advanced presentations for the AEC industry.

Meet the AT SUITE

ArchToolkit allows you to create interactive architectural projects without coding or visual scripting. It has been designed by architects for architects, after 3 years spent creating architectural visualization tools with Unity.

Our interaction pipeline gives the opportunity to create an interactive experience of your 3D models in a fast and simple way.


Sync Revit projects into Unity scenes. Realtime and completely offline.


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Download 1000+ PBR Materials to enrich your realtime rendering.


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Interactions made easy. Create interactive experiences of your 3d models.


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AT+Sync is the ultimate tool allowing to synchronize geometries and data from your Revit model into Unity.

Unchained project presentations

Once you can synchronize your model seamlessy to an advanced 3D Engine you can create advanced project presentations: Augmented or Virtual Reality, realtime rendering or completely custom 3D applications on mobile or PC.


AT+Materials lets you download 1000 PBR maps on demand, right inside the Unity Editor. Resolution between 2K and 8K.

How does it work?
You will not need to download an entire material library as a standalone package any longer: AT+M allows you to choose very quickly what to download, selecting the resolution you prefer. Your projects will contain only the assets you really need!

Made to expand!
The core of AT+M is the library. We selected the best CC0 resources around the web, making sure to make the plugin communicate directly with each creators’ website. What you get:
  • 480 map
  • 380 maps
  • 100+ maps
  • more to come...
All assets are CC0

We selected only assets ready to be used in your commercial projects: games, assets, archviz stuff, you name it.

The best is yet to come

Instead of ripping all the assets and packaging them into the plugin, we reached the designers behind those awesome materials and sending them a Patreon donation for each download we get: buying now the plugin you will not only get all textures on demand, you will also support their work to get other awesome material in the future!!


  • Material Switching: multiple furnishing options with Archtoolkit and easy real-time material customization.

  • Doors, windows and drawers opening: create an interactive experience for your 3d model. Click on the mesh you need to animate to generate an interactive door, window or drawer.

  • One-click animated camera: just click on the camera to select fly mode or walk mode. Touch support will be automatically activated when targeting a mobile platform.

  • Build for every platform: view your scene on Smartphone, Tablet, Windows, Mac or VR!

Easy to use

No coding skills required

Add Interactions

Simulate doors, windows and drawers opening

Switch Material

Change Colors and Textures at Runtime

For all Platforms

Compatible with Smartphone, Tablet, Windows, Mac and VR

Try it Yourself!


ArchtoolKit Showcase for Windows.



ArchtoolKit Showcase for Android.



ArchtoolKit Showcase Browser