ArchToolkit Unity Plugin

Create your Interactive Architectural Scene in Unity without coding

ArchToolkit allows you to create interactive architectural projects without coding or visual scripting. It has been designed by architects for architects, after 3 years spent creating architectural visualization tools with Unity.

Our interaction pipeline gives the opportunity to create an interactive experience of your 3D models in a fast and simple way.

What can I do with ArchToolkit?

  • Material Switching: multiple furnishing options with Archtoolkit and easy real-time material customization.

  • Doors, windows and drawers opening: create an interactive experience for your 3d model. Click on the mesh you need to animate to generate an interactive door, window or drawer.

  • One-click animated camera: just click on the camera to select fly mode or walk mode. Touch support will be automatically activated when targeting a mobile platform.

  • Build for every platform: view your scene on Smartphone, Tablet, Windows, Mac or VR!

Easy to use

No coding skills required

Add Interactions

Simulate doors, windows and drawers opening

Switch Material

Change Colors and Textures at Runtime

For all Platforms

Compatible with Smartphone, Tablet, Windows, Mac and VR

Try it Yourself!